Guest Artists

September 25th – 30th, 2017 – Evan P. Naylor

Evan began college level studies in art and music while he was still in high school. He received both an art scholarship, and an offer to tour the world with surf guitar legend, Dick Dale- and the infamous punk band, Agent Orange. He chose music and saw 39 countries in 7 years. His travels took him to Edinborough, Scotland where, in an attempt to add to his traveling tattoo collection, he ended up spending 3 days hanging out in a tattoo shop. He never got the tattoo, but he got something else out of the experience. He realized he missed the visual arts and, that tattooing was his way back to them. When he got back to the states, he came home to Joshua Tree, and sought out an apprenticeship in tattooing- in the very same place where, several years before, he had begun his spiritual journey in magick, alchemy, and transcendental meditation with a renowned alchemist, and great adventurer named Art Kunkin. After years of tattooing in both the high and low deserts, and experiencing the transformative power of intention and ink, he found himself on the jungle-lined beaches of Costa Rica, tattooing surfers from all over the world, locals and even gangsters- from every part of the country and beyond. The hospitality he has seen in his travels has given him a great love for the world and its diverse cultures, including the kilt he is famous for always wearing, as a nod to his own Celtic heritage. Though his home has always been California, and southern California had been particularly good to him, with not only tattoo work- but also oil painting commissions, a recent relocation to the bay area of northern California for some cooler weather has been just as kind.

Magickal tattoos are a favorite, though he is multi-faceted. From the fine lines of sacred geometry and sigils, to the bold contrast in traditional style, as well as the subtleties of watercolor, his specialty is the client. Creating a magickal, individualized experience and a lasting work of art to carry with its owner throughout their own travels.

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October 6th & 7th, 2017 – Brooke M. Englehart

Tattooist at Tatu Tattoo, Chicago, IL

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October 18th – 20th – Amanda Marie

Artist . Tattooer @ Evermore Tattoo Company . Vegan Foodie :




November 1st-3rd, 2017 – Dorothy Lyczek

Dorothy is a custom artist specializing in large scale, naturalist floral tattoos, saturated with rich color, taking her inspiration from nature and folk art traditions from around the world.

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